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"Contraction was formed by musicians accompanying keyboardist Franck Dervieux on his ground breaking Dimension M" album in 1972, namely Yves Laferriere (bass), Christiane Robichaud (vocals), Michel Robidoux (guitar), and Christian St-Roch (drums). They were joined that same year by Robert Lachapelle (keyboards), Robert Stanley (guitar), Rawn Bankley (guitar), Marcel Huot (drums), Denis Farmer (drums), and Carlyle Miller (sax/flute). At the end of 1972, Contraction released their self-titled debut album, in both French and English versions. (note: this is the French version) The album took its inspiration from where Dervieux had left off prior to his tragic bout with cancer. Thus, Contraction can be considered the spiritual continuation of one of Quebec's founding fathers of progressive rock, and his prodigies did not disappoint. Dervieux makes a guest appearance on one of the tracks just prior to his death."

A rather unknown classic of Quebeois progressive rock; mastered for CD from the master tapes, this is the first time it has been available in 30 years and the first ever reissue.
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