Contraction - La Bourse ou la Vie

Contraction's second LP, entitled 'La Bourse ou La Vie' (Your money or Your Life), was released in 1974 and dedicated to Dervieux. Their sophomore effort continues in a similar vein, again featuring themes taken from Dimension M", such as Dervieux's "Orejona Mater". This album features a stunning interpretation of the traditional "Claire Fontaine", with gentle guitar and flute interplay over a synth wash. Side two consists of an 18-minute epic and a six-minute, crunchy, guitar-led number evoking the best of mid-70s King Crimson. Both albums are too short, leaving the listener craving more."

A rather unknown classic of Quebeois progressive rock and that 18 minute epic is really a nice work; mastered for CD from the master tapes, this is the first time it has been available in 30 years and the first ever reissue.
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