Fotheringay - Essen 1970 CD

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After leaving Fairport, Sandy Denny joined up with Trevor Lucas, Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson and Gerry Conway and recorded just one album, the beautiful, self-titled debut. It's considered one of the greatest releases of British folk-rock, but the band fell apart pretty quickly. Now comes this amazing discovery which has never even been hinted at!

"On Friday, October 23, 1970, they had a gig at the third Essen Pop & Blues festival in the Gruga Hall. The concert was then recorded semi-professionally by the presenter. Now, the tapes have been elaborately re-mastered by Fotheringay guitarist Jerry Donahue who got the most out of the sound that was technically possible. The complete concert is here."

This is not a perfect sounding release - this isn't 48 track digital recording and it's definitely 'bootleg-quality' - but it's pretty good for what it is and especially for the time period and you can hear all the musicians and you can hear Sandy. So, conditionally recommended to British folk fans; if you love Sandy, this will hit the spot; it isn't like there are lots of new things to scratch that itch!

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