Sunbirds - Sunbirds CD (expanded)

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Ferdinand Povel (flute), Philip Catherine (guitar), Fritz Pauer (piano, organ), Jimmy Woode (bass), Klaus Weiss (drums).

First-ever reissue of this obscure BASF 1971 release of jazz/rock (early for jazz/rock on the continent). Sunbirds were a rather surprising conglomeration of younger and older players. I had never heard this one before although I had seen it, not really knowing who the players were. So, it was a real pleasure to finally get to hear and and be able to report that this is an excellent, very early, classic of progressive German jazz/rock. This has everything you want to hear in a record like this, as far as I am concerned and the informative GOD booklet is the icing on the already delicious cake. Don't let its obscurity stop you from buying this if you like that sound. Highly and hugely recommended!

"The fusion group Sunbirds was founded by the jazz musicians Klaus Weiss (drums) and Fritz Pauer (keyboards) in Munich in 1971, when the two of them had already made a name for themselves. They got Ferdinand Povel on flute, Jimmy Woode on bass and the world-famous guitarist Philip Catherine to join them. Due to their good connections, they soon signed a contract with the then newly-founded BASF label. The LP was released in that same year of 1971, simply under the name of “Sunbirds”. The two previously unreleased bonus tracks are from the same master tapes as the album tracks and were recorded at the same time."

Crack in the Cosmic Egg says that it feels "like a spacey Embryo cum Miles Davis"; not a bad place to be!
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