Touchstone - Music From Pandora's Box CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Elizabeth Carson-vocals
Martin Burley-guitar
Michael Burnett-organ/piano
Colin Jones-bass
Ian Willis-drums
Susan Elliott-oboe
Anne Bowditch-flute
Michael Newhouse-vocals

This is an extremely rare private pressing that was recorded in 1972. It is thought to be a soundtrack to an original folk / rock musical from a London college.
The recording quality is good (not fantastic) and it sounds to me like a live run through of the songs, recorded in a rehearsal space and not with an audience or from a performance of the musical (no audience and nothing other than the songs). You can hear everything just fine, but the balances aren’t ideal and the sound is a little muddy.
The vocalist is a little reminiscent of Annie Haslam (although she isn’t anywhere near Annie’s quality) and the whole thing has that very desirable ‘homemade’ vibe, without lapsing into near incompetence! Not an amazing album in and of itself, but better than these things tend to be and if you’re a psych/acid folk fan, this seems fairly likely to blow you away. Conditionally recommended!
  • LabelAudio Archives
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