Ferris Wheel - Supernatural Girl CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This underground acid folk mega rarity was originally a private pressing for the tiny Nicro label. The album has since been reissued but the original pressing remains as one of the most valuable folk albums out there. It's not hard to guess that the sound quality of this record is very lo-fi but in my opinion it's a good thing in this album's case.
Songs such as "Flowers", "Sad Eyed Lady", "Piscean Ride" and "Angel" for example are really nice psych folk tracks. The album includes 14 songs and there are maybe two or three quite mediocre tracks which should have been left out. But overall this is a satisfying record and it deserves it's status as an underground folk classic.
Small and tender songs about nature and the joy of being together, a happy and quite hippie album. To be played early in the morning when the birds wake and the sun has not yet risen. Whatever this album is made of, it is made of the same things as I.”-RYM
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