Cheer-Accident - Hong Kong CD

Cory Bengtsen - baritone saxophone, electronics
D Bayne - piano
Jeff Libersher – electric guitar
Mike Hagedorn - tenor and soprano trombones
Ross Feller - soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones
Thymme Jones - piano

“Chicago-based experimental rock band Cheer Accident has recorded an intriguing improv album based on field recordings made in Hong Kong!”

“Based on a series of recordings made in August 2015 on walks through various neighbourhoods and locations around Hong Kong and its surrounding environs, this record combine those sound sounds with veteran Chicago art rock unit Cheer-Accident’s fragmentary improvisational performances.
Each field recording was transcribed onto a sound map which then guided the band’s improvisations so what you hear throughout Hong Kong is a sense of fluidity, symmetry and contrast = the process makes for a really convincing, layered, dynamic and complex psychogeographical exploration of a city at a critical point in its history. A true travelogue for the ears.” - The Wire, Dec 2021
  • LabelShameless
  • UPC9780201379624
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