Jones, Thymme - Never Again (With Feeling!) CD

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Some of this COULD be a CHEER-ACCIDENT album. Some of it is much sparser and 3am solitude music, as Thymme says.

“The highly unanticipated followup to Career Move (1996)! Maybe as melancholic… same piano/same voice… sometimes with more instruments… but mostly just piano. 3am solitude music.”

“piano, vocals, drums, trumpet, synthesizer by thymme; bass and background vocals on "in some fictional place" are by dante kester and lori lechien, respectively; viola on "final meditation (again)" by sophia uddin; lyrics to "no song for you" by scott rutledge; lyrics to "colder" by alison ramsey.

“This is quite the charming little album! By Cheer-Accident's Mastermind.”-Quentin Nussbaumer
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