Compagnia Digitale - La Compagnia Digitale CD

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Ciro Perrino – synthi EMS/AKS, Mini-Moog, ARP 2600, ARP sequencers, Eminent, ARP Omni-2
Roberto ‘Roby’ Rossi – chitarra basso
Marco Tudini – batteria
Alex Magazzino – chitarre, voce
Lady Mantide – piano Fender Rhodes, voce

After the dissolution of the classic one and done band Celeste, keyboardist Ciro Perrino formed St. Tropez, who never released anything at the time, and by 1979, he was leading La Compagnia Digitale, who featured 3 members from San Tropez, and who also never released anything at the time.
This is very good space rock crossed with a bit of symphonic rock. This is apparently a ‘live recording’, but I hear no audience, so I think it’s a ‘live rehearsal recording’. In any event, for a unreleased, unprofessional recording from the 70s, I think it’s more than listenable and the music is very good.

“I am not a big fan of psychedelic / space music but there are some bands in these genres that you cant miss, although they have made just one live album, La Compagnia Digitale is one of those bands that absorbed me into it. this album is actually a side project by Ciro Perrino (a man we know from Celeste , St Tropez and other RPI acts) and probably meant to be a follow up for the act "St Tropez". Perrino was busy experiencing space music in the late seventies and i think this act is one of the best works he had done in those genres, all over the album we can hear Eloy , Hawkwind and Pink Floyd all combined very nice, the sounds are very innovative and modern for 1979! and sometimes you feel that you are listening to mid and late eighties( even sounds like early Ozric Tentacles or an older version of them maybe their grandfather!). a treasure from Italy and a must have album for all space rock fans. don`t miss it.”-progarchives
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