Of New Trolls - Le Radici e Il Viaggio Continua... CD

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“OF NEW TROLLS ‘highly anticipated double album is out today! ‘The Roots And The Journey Continues’ contains eleven previously unreleased tracks accompanied by six original historical tracks by the New Trolls. Nico di Palo and Gianni Belleno continue the journey.

The statement of the band
“‘The roots and the journey continues’ officially comes out today. It took more than a year of work, between pandemics, restrictions and lock-downs. In the end we succeeded and we are proud to let you listen to our new work. A double album that contains a first historical part with 6 old songs, rearranged and re-sung, which describe our roots, and then continue with a second part represented by 11 new songs, which fully express our music that accompanies us and we hope it will also accompany you on the journey that continues … Good music!“
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