G.O.L.E.M. - Gravitational Objects Of Light, Energy and Mysticism CD

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Paolo Apollo Negri – organ & synthesizers
Marco Vincini – vocals
Emil Quattrini – electric pianos & Mellotron
Marco Zammati – bass
Francesco Lupi – drums

It was in the early 2000s when the band Wicked Minds graced the stage all over Europe and the audience would applaud their powerful mix of hard and progressive rock. After fifteen years the G.O.L.E.M has now taken up, reinvented and expanded that path left behind, with a mystical fusion of psychedelia, hard rock, krautrock and progressive.
With one foot firmly anchored to the underground scene of the early 70s and the other future–oriented, the new line–up with double keys and the absence of guitars have made way, right from the start, for a sound that is unique, innovative and, at the same time, faithful to the glorious lessons from the past. Long instrumentals, constant care for melodies, taste for arrangements, maniacal research for the right sound, depth of lyrical contents, power in rhythms, tons of vintage instruments used. All of this is the foundation of the musical imprint of the band.
The first live shows were a success and many more will follow the release of the album “Gravitational Objects of Light, Energy and Mysticism”, first release of the acronym known as G.O.L.E.M.
Turn back time to 1972 and wipe the dust off vinyl records from the darkest European underground bands. Make a balanced mixture of 70s progressive, the most visceral hard rock vibes, psychedelia and krautrock. Pick tons of old organs, synthesizers and electric pianos and melt them in a boiling cauldron of valve amplifiers, wood trunks carved by Sirs Ludwig and Rickenbacker and dusty electric devices fantasized by engineers on acid. Close your eyes, write the secret word in a card and listen to the G.O.L.E.M as it gives new life to the attitude and magic of that long–gone era.
Three years in the studio to reinvent a whole genre, to revise the tradition of a glorious past, in a modern way; to blend the style of five musicians indissolubly into a new and original line–up and give life to a sound as imaginative as rich in references, but unique in its writing traits. Hence, the creation of the six tracks which give shape to the debut album “Gravitational Objects of Light, Energy and Mysticism”
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