De Rossi / Bordini - De Rossi e Bordini CD

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Gianluca de Rossi-Hammond C3, Mellotron M400, Mini-Moog, Fender Rhodes MKIII 73, Hohner Clavinet D6, Elka Rhapsody 610
Carlo Bordini-drums, percussion

“After years of coexistence and correspondence of loving senses, the artistic marriage between Carlo Bordini and Gianluca De Rossi is finally consummated, to the delight of all progressive rock fans. Two artists who certainly do not need introduction, given their past in bands like Rustichelli and Bordini, Goblin, Cherry Five and Taproban.
The fruit of their union is condensed into two long and exciting suites of almost twenty minutes in duration, marked by the inevitable odd tempos, with the monophonic synthesizers and the organ tracing the bass lines. The sound texture is made more precious thanks to the use of the original timbres of the seventies: Hammond C3 organ, Mellotron M400 (Brass, Strings, Choir), Minimoog, Fender Rhodes piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Moog Taurus bass pedal and Elka string machine Rhapsody 610.
The listening effect is therefore warm, gratifying, intoxicating like a vintage red wine: the elegance and rigor of Bordini's drumming brings to mind that of masters such as Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford or John Hiseman; the variety of sound and the energy of De Rossi cannot fail to bring to mind the fiery rides at the Hammond of the legendary Keith Emerson or the evolutions at the Minimoog of Rick Wakeman.
Above all, DE ROSSI E BORDINI has its strong point in the exemplary use of dynamics and in the skilful alternation between empty and full present within the compositions, even more admirable if we think that it is the product of the interaction between only two musicians. Two musicians with a capital M.”
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