Miriodor - Elements CD

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Bernard Falaise – guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo, turntable
Pascal Globensky – keyboards, synths, piano
Rémi Leclerc – drums, percussion, electronics

There are no other bands in North America that sound even remotely like Miriodor, whose new album Elements is their 10th studio release since their founding in 1980. This likely has to do with where keyboardist Pascal Globensky, guitarist and bassist Bernard Falaise, and drummer Rémi Leclerc are based: the Canadian province of Quebec, a region that tilts strongly towards its own long history as a unique culture within otherwise English-speaking North America.
Rapid changes of tone and pacing are a Miriodor trademark. “There are many different landscapes in the same piece,” Globensky agrees. “Sometimes we’ll go see a concert and some band will be keeping the same beat for 10 or 12 or 15 minutes, and we’ll be looking at each other and saying ‘Why do we complicate our lives like that, changing all the time?’ But that’s the way we’re doing our music.”
Importantly, even though Miriodor is strictly an instrumental ensemble, its tunes always tell a story. “The music has to convey some images, or some cinematic aspect,” Globensky clarifies. “If we don’t see something in our mind, something moving in our head, we will discard it. We like that cinematic aspect. There’s a sense of being just a part of something bigger, and if you listen to our music you can see that there’s many layers and a lot of intertwining lines, nesting lines, and repeated lines. And there’s no clear definition of what Elements is all about, but I think it relates to that.”
While Globensky cautions that Elements might be Miriodor’s last release, he also maintains that it’s their best. “As we get older we learn stuff in life and we learn stuff about music, and I think we’re getting better at it,” he says with a philosophical laugh. “And that’s something I said to Rémi recently: ‘Well, it’s a bit of a shame if this is the last one, because we’re starting to get good!’”

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