Upsilon Acrux - Galapagos Momentum CD

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As I hope most of you have noticed, I have a strong belief and interest in the new, young(er) bands who are playing now what would have been called progressive rock if they had been doing it 35-40 years ago, but now they sit in a sort of a odd, uncomfortable place between math-rock, art-punk, technical-rock and god knows what other hyphenated names you care to use. In any event and in my opinion, this is one of the most intense, indescribably brilliant albums we've ever released. It's stupidly technical - so much so that listening to a little bit at a time may be enough for listeners not attuned to the style, but it has a really strange and overpowering beauty to it if you are acclimitized to what they are doing.

It's nearly out of print and we have about a dozen copies to sell and then, that's it. So, if you've thought about it, pull the trigger now.

"Technically brilliant, rhythmically unbelievable, with just the right amount of melody...for fans of avant rock and insane jazz rock.” -

Upsilon Acrux have been in existence for a decade in various formations, from a duo to an octet. Their current lineup of dual guitars, bass and drums is described by the band themselves as "our favorite version" of the group and it's a polyrhythmic squirly monster. This is Upsilon Acrux's fifth album of aggressive, intricate, athletic, complex and composed post-punk instrumental rock. Galapagos Momentum fuses the animalist attack of punk rock with a daring complexity and unusual instrumental techniques and sonorities. The music that results is very powerful but upon further listening, you'll realize that it features strangely beautiful melodies that unfurl like some anaerobic Martian flower. These guys will turn your brain to paste and you will be happy that they did!

"...a refreshing ability to reference artists from Robert Fripp to John Coltrane with crushing irreverence. Maybe the last of the cool guitar bands." - Exclaim!

"...inspiring and exhilarating..." - splended e-zine

Here is the video that we happened across that got them signed...and YES these three songs are on this CD!

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