Necks - Drive By CD

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“Hypnotic, sensuous, dream-like, enveloping, funky, seductive, subtle, credible. The Australian trio of drummer Tony Buck, double bassist Lloyd Swanton and pianist Chris Abrahams have broken all the rules. They've transformed their (mostly) acoustic jazz piano trio into an outfit whose music sounds more like ambient electronic dance music, than any conventional notion of jazz. There are huge influences from R&B, Kraut Rock, The Doors, ethnic musics, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. With this persuasive mix of raw materials The Necks hammer out a unique, genre-bending but compulsive new music.”

"From a single, informal musical theme, The Necks weave a nebulous tapestry of sounds, styles and textures that is at once escapist, organic and bold. Accomplishing an astonishingly ambient sound for a trio...(these) great rhythm minimalists forge spontaneous compositions.
Somewhere between Hanging Gardens and Aether, this is a steady moderate tempo piece with some beautiful floating chords and inspired drum passages. The usual masterful playing and restraint; forward movement and stasis. A classic band."-Chris Cutler
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