Necks - Mosquito / See Through 2 x CDs

"Another scorching, hypnotic, ground breaking, concept-expanding release from outstanding Australian trio The Necks. This new double CD re-writes the rules yet again. Mosquito begins with the scrunching sound of a hand drum with hanging rattles being draped over percussion, while a fragmentary high piano melody tinkles in the distance. These two elements persist for the entire hour of the CD, providing a supporting texture for the most gorgeous piano chord sequence youve ever heard, gently coaxed by a ride cymbal. For Llloyd Swanton Mosquito is quite austere, but in a rewarding, refreshing way. I think its one of the most rigorously minimalist pieces weve ever done. Austere and rigorous it may be, in terms of its beautifully organised structure and economy of means; but dont be fooled. This record is seriously haunting and sensuous. See Through is another beast entirely. Taking its cue from the ultra minimalist Aether, it counter poses ripe piano chords and splashing cymbals (reminiscent of Alice Coltrane) against long passages of silence. Like Aether the music comes in waves, which suggest a vast scale and an open organic structure. But here the silences demand their own space, and the music operates as part of an environment, into which it constantly retreats and from which it endlessly re-appears. In the ReR office weve been hooked to this for weeks; beware, this music is dangerously addictive."
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