Trio - From Nowhere to Eternity

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This is a pretty amazingly hot, modern power trio fusion album, with everyone playing great. Of course, in a band like this, the main focus is on the guitarist and he delivers some pretty wild playing on top of the syncopated groove laid down by the rhythm section. There's a little bit of singing and honestly, it isn't great and I don't really understand what it is doing here - but there isn't much of it and it passes quickly.

"Trio was formed in Stockholm Sweden late 2006. Trio is a Sweden based fusion,progressive jazz band with a touch of psycedelic rock, featuring guitarist and vocalist Tobbe Johanson, Bjorn Egelius bass player and also Trios groove inventor, and Leif Fredriksson a Swedish drum legend with more then 30 years of touring, recording and playing worldwide. Leif started his carrier 15 years old only and at the age of 17 he went on tour with Don Cherry."

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