Titan to Tachyons - Vonals CD

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Trevor Dunn: Bass
Sally Gates: Guitar
Kenny Grohowski: Drums
Matt Hollenberg: Bass VI

Somewhere between brutal prog (Orthrealm, Upsilon Acrux) and technical metal lives this fairly great instrumental band! Recommended!

“... we can now add TITAN TO TACHYONS to the list of modern purveyors of this stylistic niche, such as Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, and Ground Patrol. […] TITAN TO TACHYONS balance their dazzling musical abilities with equally impressive songwriting, which combine to produce an album that you can’t help but surrender your psyche to until the final note rings out.”‬ – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Born in New Zealand and now residing in New York, Sally Gates is a powerful young guitarist with a striking compositional vision. Expanding her instrumental trio into a quartet with the addition of bassist extraordinaire Trevor Dunn, "Vonals" takes another step forward into rhythmic and melodic complexity. Pounding grooves, hypnotic riffs, and plenty of fiery solos make this her strongest statement to date. Surrealistic science fiction meets the worlds of metal and improvisation in this searing instrumental masterpiece.”
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