Arthuan Rebis - Sacred Woods CD

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This is a fairly heavy prog/psych/folk release; maybe think Fern Knight or Espers but heavier.

“Alessandro Arturo Cucurnia (alias Arthuan Rebis ) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, harpist, writer, sound operator, international concert artist. He is a scholar of musical and spiritual traditions of the East and the West.
His musical training is characterized by the study and practice of musical stylistic elements distant in space and time, which range from Nordic and Celtic folk to oriental traditions (India, China, Mongolia), from archaic to baroque and medieval music, up to the most experimental and modern.
With his various projects he has released various albums, as an author and composer, and has collected dozens of collaborations record companies. Among the instruments he plays are Celtic harp, nyckelharpa, esraj, hulusi, bouzouki, classical guitar, flutes, bagpipes, percussion and keyboards.
Sacred Woods is a tribute to the "Forest" as a place of interior and exterior border, refuge primordial that envelops beyond space and time; between myths, symbols, languages and cultures far from each other. This work is also a tribute to all the invisible beings there they abide, whether they are external or internal entities. The musical influences of the Nine songs are many, ranging from Nordic music to prog folk, from shamanic rhythms to songwriting initiatory, up to dark folk and new wave. Appearing as guests are: Vincenzo Zitello, Paolo Tofani, Mia Guldhammer (Virelai), Glen Velez, Federico Sanesi, Giada Colagrande etc.”
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