Field, Ken / Alieno deBootes - Alien Field CD

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Ken Field - saxes, flutes
Alieno deBootes - keyboards, creative mix
Alessandro Monti - occasional electric bass on “A new cosmo”
Matteo Bertolini - soundscapes on “Izar” and “A new cosmo”
Domenico Meggiato - some electric bass on “Krunsch”
Franco Moruzzi - extra drums on “Krunsch”

Sometimes unusual circumstances create perfect conditions for long-considered but never materialized collaborations. This distanced virtual meeting between Ken Field and Alieno deBootes (aka Alessandro Pizzin) is such an example. The rich & intimate interplay between the warm acoustic woodwinds of the American saxophonist and the icy keyboard and synthetic atmospheres of the Italian experimenter belies the circumstances of the recording process. The music is layered within narrative contexts which, while telling many different stories, maintain a style that appears unique and original, straddling pure improvisation and rigorous composition.

Ken Field:
"I first heard the music of Alieno DeBootes (aka Alessandro Pizzin) about 20 years ago, and quickly fell in love with his wonderful solo work. We stayed in touch over many years, and we finally met in person when I had an opportunity to travel from my home in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) to Venice, Italy.
In March 2021 he invited me to collaborate on a still undefined project.
We worked independently, sending files back and forth, and I recorded my material in my laptop-based home studio ..."

Alieno deBootes:
"As a longtime fan of the Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, after listening to Ken Field's first solo album "Subterranea" (back in 1991) I soon imagined that I wished to invite him to collaborate with me, since his sound on saxophones and flute seem to me to have such a particular, special, and original voice ... "

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