Bubblemath - Turf Ascension CD

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“Turn out the lights, switch on the UV lamp, and read along in the dark. The lyrics illuminate the way as you ascend.”

Blake Albinson : Guitar
Jay Burritt : Bass
Kai Esbensen : Keyboards, vocals
James Flagg : Drums, vocals
Jonathan G. Smith : Vocals, guitar

Bubblemath’s new album, Turf Ascension, is the finest progressive-rock album you’re ever going to read.

This is not to short-change the music on this four-song, 49-minute collection of shifting time signatures, swirling vocal harmonies, interstellar guitars, and rippling keyboard flourishes.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bubblemath have taken full advantage of their hometown’s long winter nights to hone a singular style that’s at once thrilling, enthralling, and technically demanding on multiple levels. Including the lyrical content.

“In so much of the music that I love, the lyrics come across like they were just kind of chucked in as an afterthought”, says keyboard player and chief lyricist Esbensen. I can roll with that for the most part, but the more I like a song’s music, the sadder I get when the lyrics don’t measure up. So I just want to make sure that the lyrics for Bubblemath deserve the music of Bubblemath.”

“With this record, we really allowed ourselves to develop themes,” Esbensen contends. “If you listen to our first record, or even Edit Peptide, it’s like we have this mantra of, ‘Why repeat something four times if you can get away with only three?’ That kind of thing. ‘Why give the listener a chance to get bored? Switch it up! Keep it going!’ And with Turf Ascension, we were like, ‘Well, what if we just lingered on stuff longer, and built out the themes?’ Before, we would have gone, ‘Well, we can’t, in case it gets boring.’ But here the followup question was, ‘Okay, well, what if we just work really hard to not make it boring?’. Switching up the themes quickly in order to hold listener interest is obviously our comfort zone. So it was a fun challenge to let the themes evolve and flow in a way that we really haven’t ever done before.”

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