Ontalva, Angel - A Haunted, Hidden World Of Caves CD

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Vitay Borodin - violin (2,6)
Markus Breuss - trumpet (8)
John Falcone - bassoon (3,4,7,10), clarinet (1,10), tenor sax (5,9,10)
Víctor Rodríguez - keyboards
Ivan Fedotov - drums, percussion
Ángel Ontalva - guitar, bass

Another fine release from this guitarist and composer!

“This new album explores the path started in the previous albums under my name (Mundo Flotante, Tierra Quemada, Angel on a tower) sometimes in new ramifications, sometimes indecisively at a crossroads or giving new light to already known territories. As usual in this series of albums, there are compositions that originated from sketches that came to mind on the road or in any hotel while traveling (The smoke of your fire, A wide vessel...), music that I wrote for one reason or another and in the end they didn't fit in at the time and remained in a drawer (Golden path, Beehive on the wall, Free in the Dark Hills), various compositions I wrote for a new group that didn't work (Stone trees, Tunnels , Eye of the desert, The lure and the coordinates), and even a composition that appeared on one of my solo guitar albums, here arranged with a horn section by Mr. John Falcone and which is a small prelude to a more ambitious plan that I hope to unveil throughout this year. Altogether I think we've come up with a pretty cohesive album that gives a semblance of where I am today. For this album I have had some of my usual collaborators: John Falcone is from New York, USA, Vitaly Borodin and Ivan Fedotov from Astrakhan, Russia, my brother Víctor Rodríguez was born, like me, in Madrid, Spain, and Markus Breuss is, as he defines himself, alpine, from Switzerland. This disparate group from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds that I have called Ghost of the cave have painted my music in extraordinary colors. The name of the album appeared as it is while I was looking for documentation for the artwork on the internet. The titles are taken from an old poem I wrote several decades ago, which alludes to an underground and supernatural world (tunnels dug with machines from another time...) and one of the entries had this name, A haunted, hidden world of caves. And when I saw it I thought: this is the world we live in today, with artists from all over the globe interacting and surviving in a huge network of underground galleries; is a good continuation of the reflective look from the isolation of Angel on a tower. I hope you like it, health to all.”-Ángel Ontalva,
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