Slapp Happy - Ca Va (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is the very surprising 1997 regrouping (after their last recordings together - a single - almost 20 years before) of the original trio of Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore and Dagmar Krause.

Great, clever lyrics combine with catchy, more-than-pop music and with Dagmar in GREAT voice out front.

The production is very 'modern', but the music is still great as are the songs themselves. The best "song" album of 1997.

Now - here's the kicker. Signed to ex-Virgin head Richard Branson's new V2 label, he paid for this nice studio production, but then the label only made 3,000 of these for the entire world. After selling out quite quickly, they refused to manufacture more, fearing "too many returns"! (I am not making this up - I was actually told this by the distributor who used to supply us with this title, who spoke to some dope at V2 about getting more). It's been out of print since 1999 or so, so it's good to see this edition which basically is a perfect replica of the original here.
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