Cheer-Accident - Fringements One CD

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“Most bands still churning in their fourth decade of existence don't see the kind of creative surge CHEER- ACCIDENT has nursed since 2017.” - POPMATTERS

“Once a band reaches that four-decade mark in their existence, particularly a band such as CHEER-ACCIDENT, who have travailed so much aesthetic ground during this time, you just know that they have a veritable treasure trove of flotsam and jetsam (in varying degrees of “fi”) lying around, just waiting to be turned into a whimsical encyclopedic series of semi-random aural events. - This Is That.”

““Does anyone remember the introductory description found in the liner notes of the very first Variations? It referred to ‘homemade recordings’, ‘aural episodes’ and voyeuristic glimpses’. In short, the words that accompanied this 2002 released trumpeted the beginning of a series of lo-fi recordings which had ‘fallen through the racks’ of our more ‘commercially available’ output.
Well, those words turned out to not very accurately describe what the Variations series would be about. The reason? Shortly after that inaugural release, the bulk of our recordings began to happen at home, and indeed they started to get as ‘produced’ and as ‘fi’ as their studio counterparts. So, while the Variations made for a fine trilogy, they never lived up (or down) to their initial promise.
As fate would have it, Fringements would come along (18 years later) to fufill this commitment. What you can expect to find in this (hopefully rather perpetual) series are the lowest-of-fi documents, intimate practice space encounters, answering machine messages and demos, as well as ‘slicker’ recordings that just never found a home on any of our ‘official’ releases.”
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