Luna Park Ensemble - Yuenchi wo Kowase 2 x CDs

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Luna Park Ensemble were a part of the same school of wonderful, twisted art-pop-experimental bands that all seemingly emerged from nowhere in the early/mid 80s from Tokyo, along with Wha-Ha-Ha, Syzygys and After Dinner. Luna Park Ensemble were absolutely as good as these bands, the only difference being that Wha-Ha-Ha, Syzygys and After Dinner had records released outside of Japan, and Luna Park Ensemble did not, leading to them being much less known here.
This collects all of the material that was released on vinyl during their lifetime on a 7” single, a 10” EP and a 12” EP (a total of 16 tracks) plus their contribution to the ‘Welcome To Dreamland’ compilation, making this a very full 17 tracks!
But wait! There’s more!
ALSO here, for the very first time, is their performance at Manda-la2 on December 30, 1989, which is apparently their final performance.
For fans of that sound, this is an utter delight. Conditionally highly recommended.

“The first disc comprises their final (?) live performance. Aside from light applause, it is virtually studio quality, and only one composition was previously released in any form. In fact, most of the material hasn't even surfaced on Youtube. Therefore, the live show is as essential as anything else in their discography.
The second disc is a remaster of the Insect Eating Mandala compilation, which includes all known studio recordings. I'm not sure if the material ever reaches full catharsis, but it is nonetheless extremely captivating.
You can hear bits of post-punk, new wave, avant prog, alternative rock, cabaret, folk, etc., filtered through a distinct Japanese vision. While some of the motifs are on the outre side, the melodic sensibility and general light-heartedness keep things from getting too too cerebral.”-RYM
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