Stevens, Clive / Atmospheres - Voyage To Uranus CD

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Clive Stevens - electric tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto flute, echoplex, wah wah pedal
Michael Thabo Carvin - drums
David Earl Johnson - congas, timbales, assorted percussion
Stu Woods - electric bass
John Abercrombie - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Ralph Towner - electric piano, clavinet, 12 string acoustic guitar

Holy, moly, what a line up! First time CD release!

“A few months album the debut's release, Clive Stevens returned to the studio, but this time, the line-up is less stellar, even if Ralph Towner (keyboards) and John Abercrombie (guitars) are still present, with the former also toying with 12-string guitar.
Stu Woods (bass) and Mike Carvin (drums) replace the MO alumni rhythm section along with Johnson on percussion. Again recorded in a NY studio and still released in 74, the album's cover with an intriguing flowing naked humans tripping out on whatever they took.
With its second and final album Voyage To Uranus, Stevens would not renew the experience again (most likely for sales and visibility issues - JR/F groups abounded in a more or less closed microcosm - and the project ends with this album. Just two largely forgotten albums, but well worth the hunt if you're into that trip. And I am.”-progarchives
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