Vespero - Songo CD

Ivan Fedotov – drums, percussion, wave drum
Arkady Fedotov – bass, synth, noises, vocs, recorder
Alexander Kuzovlev – guitars, saz, mandoline
Alexey Klabukov – keys, synths
Vitaly Borodin – violin, accordion
Alexey Esin - gusli, midi-sax
Sonya Vlasova - vocal

On something like their 20th album, this fine Russian space-rock and beyond band still manage to pull a few new tricks out of their hat.

“A good year after the release of "The Four Zoas", Vespero will publish "Sonĝo", their next studio album, in autumn 2021. 'Sonĝo' obviously means dream in Esperanto. So that's probably the meaning of the album title. The space rock band founded in 2003 from Russian Astrakhan is once again playing a form of world music of a different kind, as can be recognized not only from the different languages used for the song titles. Dream fits perfectly with the music to be found on "Sonĝo".
This is a rather calm and airy dream, in complete contrast to the rather gloomy, threatening, woodcut-like images in the booklet of the CD. It was made by a certain Marat Dzhamaletdinov, who is also responsible for the cover. There is a work of art for every track on the album. Indeed, in the sculpture belonging to "Ne enlitiĝu ĉe la maro" one sees someone (a wanderer) falling into a deep sleep...
With "Sonĝo" Vespero expand or change their sound spectrum again, which is very welcome in the space rock genre, which is said to have a certain uniformity. "Sonĝo" is definitely a very sonorous and well-rounded affair, and the album is therefore warmly recommended to fans of spacy bands with their own flair. In addition, the band proves with "Sonĝo" that they continue to be among the best and most creative contemporary representatives of the genre.”-ProgArchives
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