Regal Worm - The Hideous Goblink CD

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"Greetings Earth-o-nauts.
The worm has (re) turned! And this time the Regal Worm (Jarrod Gosling of I Monster, Cobalt Chapel) is tackling The Hideous Goblink.
An album painstakingly created by one solitary man ensconced in his darkened, tiny sky parlour of awe, wonder, and heaps of dusty old gear.
Regal Worm’s mission is putting a ‘ggressive’ back into progressive. Getting grubby with the ghosts of the old gods.
The Hideous Goblink reveals a distinct sense of urgency, expressing abstract musings on the shadow cast by our colonial history, nationalism, terrifying overlords, and what the future might hold for the ever shrinking third tone from the sun.
The fourth Regal Worm offering draws on a number of fresh musical influences; be it space rock, cosmic funk, sludge, fusion, choral, electronics or twisted pop.
Allow the Regal Worm to wrap itself around your ears and take you down a tunnel into the Earth’s core to observe where we’ve come from and discover where the Hell we might be going.
Live long and phosphor.”
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