Redfearn, Alec K. / The Eyesores - Every Man For Himself and God Against All CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Alec K. Redfearn: vocals, accordion, electrified/distorted accordion, handclaps, acid bass
Margie Wienk: vocals, contrabass, cello
Alec Thibodeau: electric guitar, AM radio
Matt McLaren: drum kit, shakers, concert bass drum, handclaps, additional percussion
Matt Everett: viola
Jeff Knoch: Farfisa organ
Sara Stalnaker: cello
Jason McGill: alto saxophone, brake drums, shortwave radio, handclaps
Michael Jeffries: baritone saxophone, electrified stritch
Ann Schattle: horn in F
Erica Schattle: bassoon
Steven Jobe: hurdy-gurdy
Frank Difficult: electronics & electronic processing
Todd Jessop: handclaps
John Jacobson: handclaps, tape echo
Shawn Wallace: trumpet

This 2003 album – the Eyesore’s third - sets the stage for the 'mature' period of The Eyesores. All the ingredients are here and fully developed. Seeing them on tour for this album led to their signing with Cuneiform and nearly 20 years of work together!

"Redfearn's strongest entry to date, this is a grinding and mechanical look at folk. The lyric writing is excellent, and the compositions varied. Still not on the level of masterpiece, but beyond most of what else is on the market." – Rate Your Music

"They say it's all been done before, so when an artist has a unique, hauntingly beautiful sound it's rare and Alec K. Redfearn, Eyesores and all, are one of a kind. That alone is a difficult feat." – Jessie Jayne

"If Can, John Cage, X, and my grandma’s polka records got in that machine from The Fly, maybe this would come out instead of a half Goldblum, half bug. Absolutely enjoyable and recommended."
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