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Marco Fabbri - drums
Michel Cayuela & Mathieu Havart - keys
Simon Segura – bass, guitars
Gary Haguenauer – lead guitar
Dominique Olmo – rythmic guitar
Emma Boudeau – viola da gamba
Lyse Mathieu – flute
Emmanuelle Olmo-Cayuela – vocals
Christophe Fernandez – additional guitar & vocals

This is the debut release from a French progressive rock band, which features English language female vocals.
There are longish and long tracks and while this is definitely 'progressive rock', there are really nice and unique classical vibes happening from the viola da gamba

"It's a great pleasure for me to make known this excellent brand new groupwhich appeared on the french scene last year. The musician ship is remarkable, including classical instruments (cello, viola de gamba, flute), the female vocals too, in a range close to Jon Anderson's one. The structures of the long compositions are elaborated, developing different themes.
Most musicians come from the south-West of France except the well-known italian drummer, Marco Fabbri who played in "the Watch" before coming in France. Michel Cayuela and Emma Boudeau formerly played classical and folk themes on piano and viola de gamba in small festivals before being joined by the other musicians. Then their music became richer and definitively progressive. They recorded their first and only record for now in 2016.
The music is far to be in the legacy of 1970's theatrical french group. The influences are not easy to define because this group has its real and strong own identity. It's a dark and modern music, often powerful. A lot of jazz elements will also be found. In some ways, this music can be compared to Syrinx or Sylbat.
The English lyrics make this group capable to enjoy a wide audience. I hope a lot of people will share my big interest for these very original and skilled musicians."-ProgArchives

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