Yes - The Wonderous Songs & The Wonderous Stories : The New Director's Cut 2 x DVDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is two full shows from Birmingham and Glastonbury, UK and is over 4 hours of the band right around the last time I saw them, where they blew my socks off, much to my pleasure and surprise!

“This is a high-value DVD 2-disc set of two separate Yes shows. Beyond the obvious low price and ample running time the disc immediately grabs loyal Yes fans as offering a different and unique concert experience. This is not a super stylized and overly produced presentation of Yes, and it that there is a real treat. That treat involves a lower-key very relaxed Yes doing what they are masters at.
The camera edits are not the extreme quick edits that induce "edit-nervosa" and they feel up-close and more personal. The sound, while it uses MIDI triggered pre-recorded layered background vocals at times is a no post-corrected affair really showing how the three vocalists of Yes blend their vocals just as you would have heard them had you been there, refreshing and very nice even with a less than perfect presentation. I feel this is an absolute must for true Yes fans. The feeling is that you get closer to the music without the over production so no matter how many Yes concerts you may have this one takes it place as a valued addition. It is the Yes that became the most loved version unless you are just one of those fans who never got over Bruford leaving which for real fans isn't a point to spend any great time pondering.
One thing should be noted and that is the interviews. The interviews are uniformly enjoyable, but I wish there was an option to play the concert sans the interviews for repeated viewing as once every so often is ample for these segments, but alas there is no way to select them out. If you're thinking I'll just pass the interview chapters with the next button you'll be disappointed in that as they are not in neat and tidy separated chapters. Certainly not a pass/fail thing as to buy or not, yet be aware. So, Yes fans if you haven't purchased this excellent unique Yes concert presentation wait no more. This is an intimate and very good two Yes shows at an extremely compelling low price. These guys are my favorite seventies band with original members still performing and this video is a cherished addition to my Yes audio and video collection.”

* Siberian Khatru
* Magnification
* Don't Kill The Whale
* In The Presence Of
* We Have Heaven
* South Side Of The Sky
* And You And I
* To Be Over/Clap
* Show Me
* Rick Wakeman Solo
* Heart Of The Sunrise
* Long Distance Runaround
* The Fish
* Awaken
* I've Seen All Good People
* Roundabout
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