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"This beautiful new release by IKP is a wonderful triangulation of sounds, cultures and seasoned musical wizards. The production on this record is impeccable, melding into a wondrous new sound that only these three musicians could make. It's the perfect film score, and who cares about the film!" –Friendly Rich, host Industry Tactics podcast

IKP is Itoken (Kenji Ito, Harpy, etc.) Klimperei (Christophe Petchanatz, etc.) and Frank Pahl (Little Bang Theory, Scavenger Quartet, etc). Kenji answers to Itoken, Christophe answers to Klimperei and Frank answers to Frank because he’s never adopted a cool stage name.
Individually they have collaborated with a wide range musicians including Otomo Yoshihide, Tadahiko Yokogawa, Eugene Chadbourne, Amy Denio, Pierre Bastien, David Fenech, Shugo Tokumaru, Ferdinand Richard, Luc Houtkamp, Nick Didkovsky, Daevid Allen, Grimo, Harpy, Anthony Moore, Only a Mother, Shaking Ray Levis, Voxfazer, Madame Patate, Brian Poole, etc.
In the 1980’s Itoken, Christophe and Frank were on different continents making music shaped by rock, punk, classical, folk, art rock, film scores and electronic music but prog and the playful side of rock are the unlikely godparents of IKP. Itoken writes syncopated math rock while Klimperei embraces more of the improv side of prog. Simplifications...o well. Musically they’re brothers from another mother but in the 80s they were unaware of their brothers across the pond(s). Fortunately the world got a bit smaller with the cassette tape, which allowed anyone with a tape recorder and a mike the chance to find their community. Swapping with like minded strangers became the norm.
In the 90s, Itoken was touring with his band Harpy and he stayed with Frank in the US and Klimperei in France. Harpy could have been the poster child for prog toypop. During their stay in the US Frank shared his musical toy collection with Harpy for never released jam sessions in his studio. In 1997 when Frank was in grad school he participated in an exchange trip to Japan. After 4 weeks of pretending to be a printmaker Frank headed to Tokyo to see Itoken. Itoken joined Frank along with members of Hi-Speed, Harpy and After Dinner for a live show. After the show, Watanabe, the presenter from Locus Solus suggested Klimperei should be a collaborator.
In 2014 and 2018 Klimperei toured Japan with Itoken, Madame Patate and special guests. In 2018, Frank was in Japan to support the release of his third collaboration with Klimperei. The release was titled Music for Perfect Strangers, in part because Frank and Klimperei had never been in the same room together. Collaborations were the result of long distance file sharing. Itoken joined Frank and Terri Sarris (and guests) for shows in Tokyo and Osaka. Klimperei’s tours and Frank’s tours did not overlap. They remain Perfect Strangers.
When the pandemic hit, the idea of IKP was formed. Why not? It seemed like the world might be screeching to a halt so we might as well dance.

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