Miserere - Miserere CD

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Chad Fowler – sax, flute
George Cartwright – sax, guitar
Chris Parker – piano and keyboards
Kelley Hurt – vocals
Luke Stewart – bass
Steve Hirsh – drums

“Discover the masterful blend of blues, jazz, and soulful introspection in "Miserere". Created in Little Rock, Arkansas, "Miserere" bridges connections new and old, some spanning over three decades. This album presents a deep exploration of human vulnerability, grounded in southern gospel and jazz aesthetics.
Special significance is placed on honoring the late guitarist Davey Williams, former member of Curlew, with Cartwright and Parker, paying an emotionally resonant tribute to their longtime collaborator and friend. Step into the compelling world of "Miserere", where raw emotion, improvisational ingenuity, and blurred musical boundaries reign supreme.
Recorded in Little Rock, AR by a geographically diverse set of American improvisers, this session brings together musicians with connections spanning decades, connecting musical communities from Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Washington DC, Minnesota, and New York. Miserere summons evokes both desperation and hope in a time rife with strife. Lord have mercy upon us indeed.”
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