AKKU Quintet - Kinema CD

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Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Maja Nydegger - Grand Piano, Keys
Michael Gilsenan - Saxophones & FX
Markus Ischer - Guitar
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

Quietly and determinedly, with very much their own take on it, Manuel Pasquinelli continues to plow new fields in the ‘zen funk’ continuum of Ronin, Don Li, Schnellertollermeier, etc. Very highly recommended!

“Recognized as a great visionary force in Swiss adventurous jazz, Swiss drummer Manuel Pasquinelli’s AKKU Quintet have been consistently pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted sonic territories since their conception in 2011.
Inspired by minimalist jazz with a post-punk touch, the group has been stylistically compared to the likes of King Crimson, Nik Bӓrtsch’s Ronin, Nils Frahm and Steve Reich. Pasquinelli’s compositions celebrate the pleasure of repetition, skillfully weaving complex metric ideas with cyclical rhythmic cells reminiscent of electronic music. Recorded over three days at Mazzivesound Studio in Bellmund, Switzerland, the record features a combination of intricate compositions and extended passages of daring tension-fueled improvisation. Each track builds on the last, leading the listener deeper and deeper into the enchanting and benevolently dark world of the ensemble.
Heavily distorted guitars, angular atonal melodies, beefy drum grooves, rich synth timbres and glitchy modern production accentuate the quintet’s immersively energetic live performance, conjuring feelings of exploring a strange, supernatural underwater world.”
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