Akku Quintet - Aeon

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Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Michael Gilsenan - Sax
Maja Nydegger - Keys
Markus Ischer - Guitar
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

Aeon is the third release by the Akku Quintet, a group led by drummer and composer Manuel Pasquinelli, who many of you know from his work in SONAR and also featuring bassist Andi Schnellmann, who many of you know as the bassist in SCHNELLERTOLLERMEIER, as well as 3 other excellent musicians.
I had the great, great pleasure to see them on their final US show in 2018 and they take the ‘Swiss zen maximalist / minimalist approach’ of Ronin, Sonar, Schneller to a different, but utterly logical conclusion. Fabulous stuff. Recommended!

“Following their acclaimed 2015 album, Molecules, Switzerland-based outfit, Akku Quintet have released their third record, Aeon. Intense, brooding and powerful, it contains a sequence of darkly beautiful compositions by Akku Quintet founder, drummer Manuel Pasquinelli.
Best-known for his work in Swiss post-rock minimalist outfit, Sonar, Pasquinelli’s writing contains an almost cinematic dimension that encompasses bittersweet moods and moments of unfolding drama.
Recorded in three days the compositions, begun at the piano or drum kit, were expanded and evolved by the group in an organic way. “We had a tour with six concerts just before the studio session, so we were very well attuned to the music. It was important for us to bring some of the energy and playfulness of a live gig to the album. Going in the studio we knew the songs very well but we were still trying out new things and sounds because the songs were still quite fresh for us. Often, the first take of a song turned out to be the best one,” says Pasquinelli.
A haunting soundtrack that’s brimming with evocative cadences and meditative spaces, Aeon presents a sonic pool of calm from within which we can reflect upon and make sense of the turbulent world around us.”-Sid Smith
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