AKKU Quintet - Stages Of Sleep

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As I think most of you know, Cuneiform is releasing the 2nd SONAR album in January, 2014, and I met the band in September and saw two gigs.

Their drummer, Manuel Pasquinelli, also leads this unusual jazz quintet consisting of: Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums, Thierry L├╝thy - Sax, Markus Ischer - Guitar, Maja Nydegger - Piano, Keyboards, Jeremias Keller - Bass.

It appears to be a concept album about sleep, with titles like Falling Asleep, Deep Sleep, Passing Into Deep Sleep, REM Sleep (and moods to match), but ultimately, this is a intriguing, unusual jazz album with obvious ties to the Nik Bartsch/SONAR school of trance-minimalism. Unusual and recommended!
Here is a sampler of the tracks:

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