Manzanera, Phil / Andy Mackay - AM PM CD

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“Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay. The saxophone and guitar heavy, ambient set captures the instrumental interplay and unique textural sounds for which Manzanera and Mackay have come to be known for.”

“During the UK’s 2020/2021 Covid Lockdowns I was working on songs with Tim Finn but I also had an urge to do some spontaneous instrumental music. I rang Andy Mackay and asked if he would be interested in working on an album together, he was, and thus the AM PM album was started. After the discipline of working on song structures it was very liberating to just try and find solutions to unstructured bits of music. It’s like starting out on a journey with no idea of where to go and then ending the journey in a beautiful location. The music has turned out to be nothing like we could have pre-written and difficult to categorise except to say it’s really a musical expression of our two brains still interacting 50 years on. The listener can decide for themselves which pieces resonate for them. Instrumental music is open to the listener’s interpretation, allowing them to create their own stories and that’s why it can be truly transformative and magical, and sometimes unsettling. AM PM is a continuation of my passion for instrumental music and the freedom it brings me, where the creative possibilities can seem endless and without limits.”-Phil Manzanera
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