Amendola / Kaiser / Manring - Haunted by Eternity 2 x CDs

SKU Fractal 2023-1031
Scott Amendola – drums and live electronics
Henry Kaiser – guitar
Michael Manring – bass

Great interplay from all three of these monster players AND it’s always a nice thing to hear Michael really stretch it! Beautiful cover design as well!

“The Super Power Trio of Amendola + Henry Kaiser + Michael Manring spent much of the Spring and Summer of 2023 traveling to alternate timelines and different Earths. Picking up work where they could, they created soundtracks for quite a number of films that do not exist in our homeworld version of the Earth’s infinite timelines. On this double album of surprising and inventive trio music they share pieces from fifteen of the films that they had composed and improvised sonic narratives for.”
  • LabelFractal Music
  • UPC658580959944
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