We Used To Cut The Grass - We Used To Cut The Grass #1 CD

A truly fabulous medium large band (usually 7-10 pieces) including several members of Karmic Juggernaut, as well as guitarist Tom Monda, from Thank You Scientist and is led by bassist and composer Cody McCorry.
The music is nothing like K.J., as it’s all instrumental and is much closer to Zappa-style jazz/rock; in fact comparisons to FZ’s ‘Petit Wazoo’ are very reasonable and apt. And, as they themselves say, “A genuinely fun-loving experimental ensemble from New Jersey.”
I’ve seen them play twice in 2023; the first time was great and the second time was greater. Hugely recommended.
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By cracky, THAT'S what ah call music! You boys have taken the bludgeon to mah crumudgeon and made me happy to turn on the listenin' deevices.
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