Itibere Orquestra Familia - Orquestra Familia do Japao CD

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Itiberê Zwarg is an award-winning Brazilian bassist and the longest-serving member of Hermeto Pascoal’s ground-breaking ensemble ‘O Grupo’. Since their first meeting in 1977, the two have been closely collaborating to create a unique musical language: a genre-defying polyharmonic, polyrhythmic music, now widely studied by musicians and musicologists alike, known as ‘Universal Music’.
This was recorded by Itiberé and his son and a 25 piece orchestra of Japanese players who studied with Itiberé and his methodologies.

“Since 2016, I and Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo, have been doing regular tours in Japan, and that was the key that opened the Japanese doors to this project and music workshop. Together with Ajurinã Zwarg, drummer of “Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo” who also made workshops there, we were gaining the affection of the Japanese. They are a very musical people!
In the last tour, the producer offered me the possibility to do a concert at a big festival in Shizuoka and I saw the possibility to do the IOFJ, “Itiberê Orquestra Família do Japão”, with the proviso that I should be in Tokyo for a month before from the concert to the rehearsals. As soon as the producer gave me the green light, I started working on the arrangements and the result is there on this album.”
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