Vervloesem, Pierre - Pierre Vervloesem's Flambant Neuf CD

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Teun Verbruggen : Drums

Falk Schrauwen : Percussions

Thomas Mayade : Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baritone horn, Keyboard 

Bruno Vansina : Saxes, Keyboard, Xun

Pierre Vervloesem : Bass, Guitar

“The music on this album was conceived or premeditated for a band by Pierre who recorded all the bases on guitar and bass then emailed the result to each guest musicians (all of them met when he was playing with Flat Earth Society or before on different projects). 

It was then up to each of them to add whatever they wanted. Once Pierre received back all the recordings, he started to edit, mix and master all the parts to become this album, which is made of energetic music which reminds one at times of Mike Patton, a modern crazy Tito Puente or Duke Ellington on coke!”
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