Blown Free - Maximum Rock and Roll CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“A holy grail for 1970’s and 1980’s Metal collectors! If there ever was a band that could be classified as “obscure, underground rock” this is surely one. The only known release on this band is a sole 45 released on Excelsior (the label owned by the late Bill Holford, SR. of ACA Studios in Houston). Mr. Holford would sometimes take a band under his wing and help them, which is what he did with Blown Free.
David Matthews (not that guy) started his career back in the late 1960’s, landing eventually on the Houston psychedelic scene. In 1978, he formed Blown Free, crashing together a fuzzy acid guitar sound with high-energy riffing, brilliantly shown on the band’s single, ’The Wizard.' After the dissolution of the band, and the break-up of Matthews’ marriage, David took off for greener pastures back in Wisconsin where he started his own label and put together another version of Blown Free, this time under the moniker of The Matthew Davis Project.

Tracks 1-4 Recorded at ACA Studios in Houston, TX, 1982.
Track 4 is an alternate mix of the version on the 7" single.
Tracks 5-11 are taken from a rehearsal tape recorded sometime in 1978.
Track 12 taken from the band’s only official release, the Excelsior Records 7" single, recorded at ACA Studios and engineered by Bill Holford, SR.
File Under: 70's Hard Rock, Psychedelic Hard Rock.
For fans of: Josefus, JPT Scare Band, First State Bank and Highway Robbery. Strictly limited to 300x copies.”
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