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“Obscure Canadian rock band Mantis released their eponymous debut in 1973 — a rather edgy collection of pop/rock, giving it an interesting synth sound in parts, making for an interesting early crossover action.
Former member, Mark Bajona, said of his old band: “I auditioned for the band in Toronto and passed the test, I was 19 at the time. From there I was flown out to Montreal to practice with the band before recording songs at RCA studios in Toronto, which at that time was on Mutual Street. We also used Moe Koffman and Guido Bassa for our orchestrated parts. Martin Swerdlow conducted the orchestra with his musical stick just like any big time conductor. We played a few gigs in Montreal and Toronto but then broke up and I’ve never seen the guys again. I went on to do other projects but not prog.”
And this from a reviewer; "the album's genuine tour de force is the nine-minute closer 'Eyes of Fire,' a moody doomy slab of Armageddon prog which sounds like Mantis's own ‘Epitaph,' a King Crimson-like masterpiece of spookiness and pomposity that finds Christine (Williams) singing 'We are naked now' overtop a stomping doom-dripping backdrop and sounding even more like Debbie Harry, that is, if Blondie had found prog rock instead of new wave.”

“Released in 1973 on the Sweet Plum label, this female fronted Progressive Hard Rock band is not only an unique diamond of the rich 70's Canadian Rock scene (imagine Max Webster and Alex Harvey Band with female vocals and the heaviness of Uriah Heep and you'll get there). This rare LP is now released for the first time on CD, digitally remastered, with liner notes and a bonus unreleased track (Suzi Quatro cover).
Maybe Kim Mitchell took influences from Mantis Who knows! The dynamic Progressive Hard Rock flowing with some Glam influences, makes this album a quite unique gem for the year of 1973, from a country that gave us so much great Rock bands over the glorious decades of the 70's and 80's.”
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