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Despite their being quite popular at the time, and despite Achim's long history in music, being a big name in the "Beat-era" with The Rattles and then later being a early pioneer of the Krautrock sound, most of his great albums from the 70s have not been reissued and he is mostly a forgotten figure, even in 'out music' circles. This is a high-quality pirate edition of this never-reissued title by A.R. & Machines, originally from 1972 and falling squarely in the middle of the five albums he released in the'cosmic style'.

"For Achim Reichel's 1973 release, and first on his vanity label Zebra, the talented Okko Bekker and noted Krautrock producer Thomas Kuckuck were invited along with many others, with the results being a higher-level mix of echo-guitar excursions, imaginative ensemble playing and kosmische folk-blues. Essential A.R.!"

"A.R. 3 was released shortly after the masterpiece double LP, Echo. In this album, Achim Reichel was in the middle of his progressive rock phase and very much at the top of his game musically speaking. Compared to the previous two albums, A.R. 3 is generally jazzier and less experimental. Like always, it features the phenominal echo-styled guitar work of Achim Reichel, with the help of some other talented musicians. If this album wasn't made in Germany and entirely instrumental, one could easily mistake it as a "psychedelic/space rock" album, because it's made up of mostly kosmiche, spacey jams. It's the occassional vocal chants and keyboards which give it a nice Krautrock flavor. "The Owners of the World" is an extremely catchy song that could have easily become a radio hit during the '70s. Although this song is very out of place, it's still great nonetheless. A.R. 3 doesn't quite live up after the high standards set from the band's first two albums, but I still deeply adore it. What prevents this album from getting a perfect five stars is because it isn't as innovative as their previous works, and just not as exciting overall. That's being said in a very nitpicky, review-like mindset, however, for normal, listening standards this is a superb album with no major flaws. 4.25 stars on my scale, indeed an "excellent addition to any prog music collection." Especially recommended for fans of spacey and psychedelic music, and essential to Krautrock enthusiasts. I recommend discovering A.R. and the Machines chronologically, but you really can't go wrong with any of the first three albums (which is all I have at the moment). Another great journey, happy listening..."
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