Walter, Weasel / Quartet and Double Trio - Firestorm (Mega Blowout Sale)

Weasel Walter-drums
Damon Smith-bass
Elliott Levin-tenor sax
Marco Eneidi-alto sax
Marshall Allen-alto sax
Mario Rechtern-reeds, electronics
Lisle Ellis-bass, circuitry
Marc Edwards-drums

"Hot on the heels of 2006's "Revolt Music", this release goes even further into free jazz hell!!! Almost 80 minutes of smoldering, burning, raging free jazz featuring a cast of legendary east coast musicians including Sun Ra Arkestra leader Marshall Allen! Firestorm is an intense and musically assaultive release of killer, balls-out free jazz that will appeal to those who long for the most bombasic works of Broetzmann, Ayler, Takayanagi and Cecil Taylor! This release reveals many shades of intensity and mood while remaining frenzied and inventive at all times. Featuring Taylor alumni Marco Eneidi (alto), Marc Edwards (drums), Lisle Ellis (bass), Elliott Levin (tenor), Sun Ra Arkestra legend Marshall Allen (alto), bassist Damon Smith and manic Austrian reedist Mario Rechtern, Firestorm is a delerious concoction of new energy music that pushes beyond the stratosphere of sound!"
  • LabelUgExplode
  • UPC634479650802
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