Saluki - Amazing Games

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Saluki were a Norwegian band that made one album in 1976 for the legendary Compendium label, mixing jazz/rock and prog with more pop touches.
The band folded shortly after releasing their one and only album.
Now, 42 years later, we have the follow-up release which was actually composed as their follow up album, but was never recorded due to Compendium folding.
If anything, overall and taking into account is was recorded more than 40 years later, so the timbres are different, as a record, this is a better record than their first! It’s kind of an incredible story!

“Amazing Games, the second coming - the sequel to their self titled debut album from 1976. This could very well be described as Saluki's "forgotten" LP - since it never got released as planned in 1978 , when Compendium Records went bankrupt. The album, however, consist of newly recorded songs from the time. Some songs were exchanged with a couple of others from the same period of time. The songs are recorded "live" in the studio with some overdubs, but mostly as it was originally done back in 77."
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