Mantra - Proximo

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“Proximo is the third release from Mantra, a five piece prog rock band from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. The band has virtually no web presence so I can't really elaborate much about their history. What I know is that they are what I call a "kitchen sink" band - they have so many influences they wear on their sleeve that its like listening to a who's who of prog. Overall I'd categorize this as symphonic rock but there are some interesting moments like when they incorporate a ripping Blue Rondo A La Turk into the tune. Gentle Giant also seems to bear their imprint on their writing. Some of the fluid guitar runs remind a bit of Camel but Yes and ELP are obviously part of their DNA as well. Yeah - some Mellotron sounds, flute - its all here at one point or another. One of the better prog rock albums I've heard in 2018. Easily highly recommended.”-Ken Golden
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