Bise de Buse - Joue sa Musique (expanded)

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I remember this French album from 'back in the old days', but I never actually heard it, which is a real shame, because this would have blown my mind had I actually heard it in 1981, when it was recorded.
Founded in Strasbourg, France in 1975, the band's roots are found in adventurous '60s and '70s rock, mixed with contemporary classical composition, as well as obvious influences from Henry Cow, the Canterbury school and '70s European ECM releases. The only cover on the original album is a version of Steve Miller's Chocolate Field (the lead off track from the first Coxhill/Miller album!)
The original album was recorded by a 'chamber-rock' trio of Laurent Spielmann-piano/synthesizer, Jean Bataillon-cello and soprano and Pierre Michel-alto & baritone sax, with two guests on two tracks (including Gong's Didier Malherbe on sax and violin/viola). Very reminsicent to me of Musique Pour L'Odyssee-era Art Zoyd or Julverne-A Neuf, but in even more stripped down form, this is pretty great for fans of drummerless chamber rock.
Then you also get 4 bonus tracks - almost 25' worth - of much lesser audio quality (but still listenable) that is really interesting, because the band at that point consisted of alto sax, electric piano/synths, guitar, bass and drums and they cover Gong's You Can't Kill Me and Hugh Hopper's Kings and Queens as well as 2 further originals.
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