Jauniaux, Catherine with Tim Hodgkinson - Fluvial (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is the first digital issue of Belgian songsmith Catherine Jauniaux’s classic recording from 1983. Her main co-conspirator is Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, The Work), himself a mainstay in the world of modern, experimental music.
Together they perform a work which defies both categorization and genre labeling, offering up almost as many different styles of music as the instruments that played them. Besides capturing what could arguably be Catherine’s most unique and auspicious vocal work, this disc also displays an amazing amount of baffling, scored percussion by Tim and some timeless and perfectly intonated performances by the late, great master cellist, Tom Cora.
Other guests include Georgie Born (Henry Cow, I.O.U), Charles Bullen (This Heat), Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow, Comus), Bill Gilonis (The Work, The Lowest Note) and Dominic Weeks (Het)."
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