Magma - Retrospektiw III

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One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is from their reunion concert in Paris in 1980. This is sorta weak; don't start here!
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I wouldn't call this one weak, just different. Side one is taken up by an extended epic called Retrovision, the first 3/4's of which sound nothing like that Magma we've come to know and love. I'm not sure what it sounds like, other that it almost sounds like the band had been kidnapped and replaced by doppelgangers created by that mad scientist guy from Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park! Well, it doesn't sound THAT bad, actually. And I find the bit where it sounds like one of the girl singers is doing her best Janis Joplin impression. That can't be our much beloved Walkerie, Tauhd Zaia, can it? Yeah, like it said it's really different, but it's really cool in it's own way. And I love Jean-Luc Chevalier's guitar solo. Side two features a version of Hhai (with guest appearances from fuzz bass God Bernard Paganotti and violinist Didier Lockwood) and the short La Dawotsin, which STILL fades out after four minutes. Anyway, I wouldn't send a newbie to this album, but if you can deal with the fact that the first 15 minutes doesn't sound like the same band that gave us Kohntarkosz and MDK (and in fact, other than Tauhd Zaia, and Zebehn Strain De Geustaah, it really isn't), it's really cool.
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